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Bring Your Fingers To The "Guitar Gym" - Chutes and Ladders, A Finger Exercise

This exercise will help you with dexterity particularly with your third and fourth fingers (ring and pinky).  They naturally want to move together but this exercise will help you make it easier to move them separately. As with all scales and exercises, it will help you build overall strength and dexterity.

Comments Section

Thanks for the spelling correction, I am actually a member of the spelling and grammar police and missed this one! So glad the exercise is helpful and hope you're still have mad fun playing your guitar xo
I like this exercise for dexterity. I also like the name Chutes and Ladders that your student came up with.
Hi Janet -- Thanks for putting this video up! Believe it or not, Jonathan and I somehow managed to forget how to do this scale AGAIN but now we just watched this so we're fine. By the way, did you mean to write "Shoots" rather than "Chutes"? It reminds me of that great book about the importance of punctuation: "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves." A kind of gory way to refer to a panda bear's diet! .... xx Jackie

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