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Choosing The Best Guitar Teacher For You

I believe that finding the right teacher is as important as finding the right therapist or primary care physician.  You want to work with someone who is a great teacher and also has a style that's a good fit with who you are and how you learn.

Make your first lesson like a first date; you're there to see if you'd like to see them again.  Pay attention to how you feel about yourself during the lesson.  It's normal for the playing to feel awkward at first but you want to be working with someone whose style helps you feel inspired, like you'll be able to get it with guidance and practice.  If you feel like a moron, you're with the wrong teacher.

I'm a teacher who prefers to teach the skills and theory in the context of specific songs.  That's great for many people and some prefer to work with a teacher who keeps the focus on reading notes and other technical aspects of playing the guitar.  Also pay attention to how much of the teacher's focus is on you verses impressing you with the fancy guitar licks they know.

I believe the burden of the learning should be on the teacher; if you don't understand what I'm showing or explaining to you that's my problem.  Finding an optimal way to teach students something is one of the things I love about being a teacher.  If your teacher is putting that burden on you I recommend trying out someone else.

I know that the only prerequisite for playing the guitar is that you feel like it.  Working with a teacher who inspires you is the best way to honor your time and the money you spend on yourself.

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