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Normal Hurdles For Beginning Guitar Players

When people first start learning how to play the guitars there are a number of experiences that can leave them feeling like maybe they won't be able to do it.  This is never true.

When first picking up a guitar, forming the chords can feel awkward and pressing the strings down on the neck usually hurts a bit.  Remember, you're pressing your tender skin against thin pieces of steel or nylon so OUCH!  If you follow my favorite practice regimen, 10 minutes 4 to 5 days per week – scale, song, DONE!, you’ll develop callouses on your fingertips within the first two to three weeks.

Another normal hurdle when first playing guitar is getting comfortable switching from one chord to another.  There are several things I have my students do to help them jump over with room to spare.

1. Without strumming, take chords from a song you’re learning and practice switching from one to another 10 times each.

2. If you have a recording of the song, practicing switching the chords without strumming as the music plays.

3. Strum torture.  The idea here is that you play the song on beat even of your left hand is playing the wrong thing or nothing.  I call it "strum torture" because it often triggers a mild stress response.  Strum the song really, really, really slowly and when it’s time to switch chords, keep strumming even if your left hand isn’t playing the right thing.  I promise, you won’t die, get fired, flunk out or even get a little sick.  You’ll just feel a little stressed.  The worst thing that can happen during strum torture is that you create a cacophony of guitar sound.  It’s called “learning”.  In the end though, you’ll have an easier time switching chords – trust me, the pain is worth it.

I've been teaching people of all ages how to play guitar for decades and know from my experience that anyone can do it as long as they have the desire.

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