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Practice Pep Talks Part 2 of 3: Honor Your Learning Curve

Part 2: Honoring Your Learning Curve

Picture a toddler who's learning how to walk.  If you've ever watched this process, if you said anything to them it most likely wasn't something like, "You fell down AGAIN!?!? I can't believe how clumsy you are!" and more likely to have been, "Good try! You're doing great!" or "Keep it up, I know you'll get it!"

This is how I'd like you to speak to yourself while you're learning guitar.  There are no mistakes, only research; you want to know what you do want to do AND what you don't.  The information is of equal importance.  Or as Miles Davis said, "Do not fear mistakes, there are none."

If mean voices pop up in your head, acknowledge them, name them and put them on a bus. I call this the terrorist committee living rent free in my brain.  I like to say, "Thanks for sharing, here's your ticket, bon voyage!"  You can't control whether or not the voices come up but you can control how you deal with it.

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