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Practice Pep Talks Part 3 of 3: Creating A Comfortable Space

Part 3: Creating A Comfortable Space

It helps to practice in a place that feels good to be in.  If no such place exists in your home, create one.  You'll need a place to sit where it's comfortable with your guitar, an armless chair or couch can be great.  You also want a place that just feels good to be in so that you'll look forward to your time there.

If you have little kids, wait until they're in bed.  When they're awake, they need you (of course they need you, they're kids).  It's awesome to play guitar for them too, but this is your time.  I recommend 5 days a week, 10 minute sessions.  If you have time and feel like it, by all means play longer.  Remember though that it's not a moral issue; you're not a better person if you play longer or worse if you don't.

I also think it's great to play for your kids.  It's important for them to see that even grownups can learn new things.  Even if you have teenagers who think you're the dumbest human on the planet, they will at least secretly enjoy the fact that you're learning to play.  You may also have the opportunity to train them in the art of cheer leading versus criticizing.  You have a enough mean voices in your head, don't let them help.

We call it "playing music" because it's supposed to be fun.  Follow these suggestions and experience the fact that you don't have to get stressed about your stress reduction activities.

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