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"Janet Feld is a funny, literate and thoughtful country folkie in the mold of Mary Chapin Carpenter. The Somerville resident has a gift for a lilting melody and a thoughtful turn of phrase."

"A sparkling CD...folk-pop of crisp dynamics, succinct thoughts and catchy choruses."


Janet Feld writes folk songs that tackle personal and political concerns in a literate and engaging way. Almost every track expresses moral doubt or social awareness in the tried and true singer-songwriter tradition, backed by gentle, lilting acoustic guitar melodies. Most of Feld's lyrics are about personal issues, ranging from failed romance to physical and emotional insecurity. A multitude of moral dilemmas, some as minor as a youngster's petty shoe theft (on the guilt trip-worthy "Finders Keepers"), others as vast as reckless street violence (the poignant "Dear God", not to be confused with the XTC classic), play out in fine, observational detail. In "Here We Go Again", Feld speaks out against the war in Iraq with pinpoint accuracy and clarity. "We traded the lives / Of young men and women / For the right to be right / And when the bodies are counted / and the peace treaties signed / How long 'til we do it again?" These are the sorts of songs you could imagine your ex-hippie, retired schoolteacher aunt humming while eating granola on her back porch -- pensive, folky, twangy tunes with earnest, pensive lyrics. In this insincere, irony-ridden world, that's certainly not a bad thing.

"The real gift is Janet Feld's music." in response to Passim's 'thank you' for his donation

Music Matters Review

Janet Feld, who has a devoted local following, opened the evening with a flawless set of songs that featured her self-deprecating humor. Her ability to poke fun at herself and her "midlife crisis" hit just the right notes with this mostly middle-aged audience! Tunes like "Houdini Bikini" and "I'm Married But I'm Not Dead" certainly resonated with this group. And she had everyone in stitches with "Do You Want to Be Right?" which dares to ask the question, "do you want to be right/or do you want to be in love?" "Tick Tock World" featured some great guitar picking and Greg Greenway on accompanying vocals. Feld was a real treat for this listener, who will be sure to look for her to see what she's up to next.

Jewish Advocate

Four Voices of Folk Entertain at Passim: Janet Feld, Esther Friedman Shine in Local Spotlight It was one for the women at a sellout crowd last Wednesday night at Passim. Apparently, the word had spread that four singers of extraordinary merit were on the bill..........Janet Feld led off as all four took to the stage. 1999 Boston Music Award nominee for Best New Contemporary Folk Act, she's opened for all of folk's big names with her remarkable mix of poignant lyrics, vocal dexterity, keen strumming and utter hilarity.

"Hey...reading the lyrics again to "Rosalie's Diamonds" brought tears to my eyes. I heard every word last night but it's just as poignant as a poem...Had a blast! ...Can't say enough about your poise, confidence, humor....But the soaring, completely at ease, vocal passages were the true thrill... Still flying from the show.....A long lost friend becomes a life long fan....can't wait to see you play again....Did I mention that you have superior guitar chops as well...."

"... I just wanted to again say how much I enjoyed your set last night. Your stage skills were just exceptional, the playing was beautiful, vocals were spot on, you were hitting on all cylinders."

"Although I have not owned any recordings of yours, I've been a big fan ever since I heard you do "Tick Tock World" at a song circle at Falcon Ridge. I think it was my first year, 1996 (or maybe 1998) ........ that has become one of my all-time favorite songs by any artist in any genre..."

Janet's upbeat performance ensured that everyone had a good night. Her expert guitar playing with both hands on the neck confirms why she is the undisputed "Guitar Goddess"

"You can really rock for an old lady!!"

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Janet Feld CD release show at Linden Tree Coffeehouse

Janet Feld CD release show at Linden Tree Coffeehouse

On Saturday, Feb. 16, singer-songwriter Janet Feld will officially introduce her latest album, I Met Myself, with a CD release show at the Linden Tree Coffeehouse, 326 Main Street in Wakefield (at the Unitarian-Universalist Church). Feld grew up in Lexington and attended Lexington High.

Tickets for the 8 p.m. show are $16, $10 for students under 13. Doors open at 7:30. Esther Friedman opens.

For more information about the show or to reserve tickets, call 781-246-2836 or visit www.lindentreecoffeehouse.org.

I Met Myself is a highly sincere, personal work, some of which was inspired by introspection (“I Met Myself” and “Home”) while other songs grew out of love’s unpredictable journey (“Waiting for Love” and “That Kind of Miracle”). Feld also has a sassy, playful side that shows up in “Chi Vampire” and “Welcome to the Funhouse.”

Her most dramatic work on the CD, hands down, is “Rosalie’s Diamonds,” a thoroughly engrossing true story that describes how Feld’s grandmother rescued her family from Nazi-occupied Austria in the late 1930s.

In addition to being a talented songwriter and singer, Feld has a wry sense of humor and is a highly skilled guitarist.

“Miles Davis once said, ‘Sometimes you have to play for a long time before you sound like yourself,’” Feld recalled. “That's what these songs and this CD feel like to me. And that’s why I chose ‘I Met Myself’ as the title track. I feel it's my most authentic work to date.”

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Trinity Backstage Newsletter

Janet Feld and the 100th Show March 24th, 2012

Well, the 100th show did indeed rock. Janet Feld was funny, smart, played great songs and totally prepared the crowd for her second set, which included her pals, Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong, Doug Clegg, and James McVay—all veterans of the series over the years. Each artist played a cover tune and an original and ALL were completely well received and had the crowd singing along (this reviewer LOVED the chick voices on “The Wind Cries Mary”, for God’s sake… it was too cool). Foot stomping was actually heard on “Get Off My Cloud”..It was a great evening.. More on the way.

Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong and Janet Feld

Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong and Janet Feld

James McVay, Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong, Janet Feld and Doug Clegg